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DRAFT Mini-Comprehensive Plan

Paxtang Borough DRAFT Mini-Comprehensive Plan: Part A – Community Vision, Development Goals & Objectives

Table of Contents

Sections I through IVimage:pdf_logo.gif

  • Section I. Introduction / Overview
  • Section II. Community Vision / Development Goals and Objectives
  • Section III. Future Land Use and Development Plan
  • Section IV. Implementation Strategy

Section Vimage:pdf_logo.gif

  • Section V. Status of the Borough

Paxtang Borough DRAFT Downtown Improvements Plan: Part B

Table of Contents

Sections I and IIimage:pdf_logo.gif

  • Section I. Introduction / Overview
  • Section II. Downtown Improvements
  • Section II-A.1. Planning Concepts / Considerations
  • Section II-A.2. Streetscape and Traffic Improvements
  • Section II-A.3. Character Improvements
  • Section II-A.4. Sustainable Business Environment Improvements
  • Section II-B. Implementation Strategy

Section IIIimage:pdf_logo.gif

  • Section III. Status of the Downtown

References http://www.tcrpc-pa.org/dccompplan.htm

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